About the AI Institute
The decision to create the Institute of Artificial Intelligence was made at an Academic Council meeting of the Samara National Research University on 21th February 2020. The purpose of the AI Institute is to accelerate the implementation of innovative interdisciplinary scientific solutions based on AI at enterprises of the Samara region, Russia and abroad and scientific cooperation with leading research centers.

Over the last decade, Samara National Research University has advanced scientific knowledge in AI through publications in peer-reviewed journals in Russia and abroad. At the same time, AI rapidly matured to create a wave of industrial adoption of AI and enterprises found themselves with a shortage of qualified engineers to design and implement intelligent solutions. This is where AI Institute started to play an increasingly important role of advising the companies in their AI journey. Today, the AI Institute is not only the nexus of AI activity among multiple departments of the Samara National Research University, but also leads University partnerships in AI with enterprises and startups to help them develop and implement their AI vision.
Artem Nikonorov
Director of Institute of Artificial Intelligence, D. Sc.,
Prof. Samara National Research University
We see AI as a field of knowledge and research that goes far beyond the direction of "computer science". In this regard, the activities of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence cannot be limited by the framework of its own team and its traditional partners. The main tool of the AI Institute will be the formation of research and educational collaborations with leading production centers and research teams for the implementation of breakthrough projects in engineering, fundamental and humanitarian sciences.
Natalia Yuzifovich
Development Director of AI Institute, technology entrepreneur, founder of innovative companies in Russia, USA and Europe
Evgeniy Minaev
PhD, project manager, specialist in computer vision and AI
Larisa Zherdeva
Director of VR/AR/MR direction of the institute
Kirill Babenko
Director of corporate educational programs
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