Professional education
Fundamental and professional knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning
CPE programs
AI technologies
You will learn what AI is, what is possible (and impossible) with its help and how it affects our lives - without complicated mathematics or programming.

Course program:
• National Technology Initiative
• Industrial Internet of Things
• Robotics
• Big data, Machine Learning
• VR/AR technologies
• AI and neurotechnology
• Speaker cases
AI in Business
You will receive a basic knowledge of artificial intelligence in business and search for a vector for integrating these technologies into business strategy.

Course program:
• Industrial Internet of Things
• Big data analysis
• AI for business
• Application of AI (finance / HR)
• AI in cybersecurity
• Speaker cases
Neural networks and deep learning
You will learn about the theory and practice of deep learning (neural networks) in an interactive format.

Course program:
• Data-based classification
• Loss functions and optimization
• Neural networks and error backpropagation
• Convolutional networks
• Deep Learning Toolkit
• Convolutional neural network architecture
• Generative and recurrent models
• Neural models and artificial intelligence
• Project work
Digital Strategies
As a middle to senior manager, you will learn strategies to take your business through a series of major upheavals in the VUCA world. This program is for leaders who strive to actively implement new ideas and stay ahead of the competition.

Course program:
• Optimal digital solution to company problems
• Organizational change management of people and processes
• Privacy and data protection
• Digital internship
• Digital culture